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Dear friends, residents and guests of the tourist destination "Kamenets-Pruzhany"! Rest on Kamenetz and Pruzhany land - it's interesting sights, amazing nature, good-natured people. The main features of the area is the centuries old forest - Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where virtually untouched nature, unique landscapes and amazing biodiversity were preserved. There are not so many places in Belarus that can boast of the equally rich historical heritage – Kamenets, Ruzhany, Lyskovo, Volchin, etc.

On destination territory sanatorium «Belaya Vezha» and sanatorium «Ruzhansky» are located. Good value for money, modern medical facilities, environmental purity and a number of other factors influence positive the recreation and health improvement. For those who like outdoor activities, there are many farmsteads and recreation bases, where you can enjoy silence and seclusion, the beauty of Belarusian nature, plunge into a simple village life, proceeding in their leisurely rhythm.

We will be glad to see you on the hospitable land of tourist destination "Kamenets-Pruzhany".

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